Tips for your bus trip

Some tips from us (and seasoned travelers) to help your trip go smoothly.

Have a great journey!

Make the most of free Wi-Fi

We have free Wi-Fi on most of our buses and at our stations. So you can keep up with your social life – and post live from your trip with Instagram-worthy scenic shots (which you'll tag #gogreyhound of course...).

Track Your Bus Express trip

On time, early, or delayed, BusTracker lets you know where your bus is with live updates and information allowing you to better plan your trip.  BusTracker is simple and easy to use and it's ideal for anyone picking up a friend or family member at the terminal to track a bus and plan ahead. 

Find your bus by schedule number, departure city or arrival city and get live status updates showing your bus' progress.  The status update will indicate if your bus is on time, early or delayed and give an approximate arrival time. 

No more guessing or wondering, now you can use your time wisely and plan ahead.  Go to to track your bus now.

Check out our Instagram and see all the places you can #AffordToExplore

Follow us on the ‘Gram! Visiting our Instagram page means swiping through some amazing travel inspiration and fun adventures to add to your to-do list. Our IGTv and highlights will guide you to all the scenic spots and must-try food joints for current or future destinations. In addition to being a travel guide, we also offer some inspiring employee stories and celebrity collaborations and events. 

Keep your devices charged, right at your seat

On most of our buses, there's a power outlet at nearly every seat. So if you want to watch the entire movie library on your laptop or tablet – go right ahead, you'll never run out of juice! And you'll get off the bus with a fully charged phone, no matter how much tweeting and instagramming you do during your trip.

Bring a blanket and layer up

What's chilly for you, might be too hot for another passenger. We try our best to find a happy medium temperature, but a blanket will give you your very own temperature control tool. Or just layer up with a cozy zip-up.

Have a map or guidebook handy

If your Greyhound bus is taking you through parts of the United States, Canada or Mexico, you're going to see some amazing scenery. So why not bring a map or guidebook to tell you more about the towns, cities and landscape you’re traveling through?

Remember your earplugs and eyemask

Some people can sleep through a hurricane; other people need a bit more quiet. If you’re a light sleeper, you’ll find it helpful to bring an eyemask and a pair of earplugs.

If you’re a night owl, the overhead lights are handy

Reading a book that you just can’t put down? Don’t worry. Although we dim the lights on late-night and overnight journeys, every seat has an overhead spotlight. (Also great if you need to find that midnight snack you've brought in your carry-on baggage.)

Stock up on supplies

We don’t sell food or drink on our buses, so it’s a good idea to stock up on food and drinks before boarding (not alcoholic drinks though, they're not allowed). But if you forget, the bus does stop frequently (check your itinerary to see how often), and some stops will have places to buy food.

Bring some small change

Our Greyhound stations and the stores inside them accept credit or debit cards. But, your bus might take a rest stop along the route where there are shops or food stalls that only accept cash. So make sure you bring some real money, and not just plastic.

Get the best seat for scenic photos

If you’re a keen photographer, or Instagrammer, take advantage of the opportunity for some scenic photos. Board in plenty of time so you can get a window seat for the best views. You can use the free Wi-Fi for your Instagramming... and of course, tag your photos #gogreyhound.

More on traveling with Greyhound

See our Bus travel FAQs page for answers to our most popular questions about traveling with Greyhound, from getting to the station to tracking your journey.