Bus Travel FAQs

Useful things to know before, during and after your trip.

Before you travel

How do I get to my Greyhound Bus station or stop?

It's easy, we have a bus stop finder tool that will help you find the address, directions, hours of operation and contact details. Find my bus stop

How early should I get to the bus station?

  • At Greyhound, boarding begins up to 20 minutes before departure time.
  • If you have your ticket and are traveling with carry-on bag only, just be at the gate at your boarding time.
  • If you are traveling with bags you need to store under the bus or still need to get your ticket, be sure you give yourself extra time to have an agent assist you at the ticket counter. 

What baggage can I bring?

Have a look at our baggage guidelines before packing. Make sure what you bring fits within our weight and size limits, and you don't bring any prohibited items. See baggage info

Can I switch to an earlier bus?

Yes, if you have an Economy Extra or Flexible fare you can claim a free Same Day Exchange. This allows you to switch to an earlier bus (as long as there’s a seat available). Allow yourself extra time to find an agent to reissue your ticket. 

Your Tickets

What do all the numbers and codes mean on my ticket?

There's a lot of info in there, and most of it is for us to worry about.

But if you'd like to know what it all means, here's the ticket explained.

 Online ticket explanation

I have a confirmation number, but no ticket. What do I do?

No problem. When you get to the station, see one of our agents at the ticket counter, or use the self-serve kiosk if the station has one.

How do I pick up tickets at the station?

You have two choices: if you go to a self-serve kiosk you just need the confirmation number. If you go to the ticket counter, you'll need your confirmation number and personal ID.

If someone else bought your ticket, you'll need to show your ID and know the password that was created when the ticket was bought.

I've printed out my ticket but left it at home. What do I do?

If you purchased the ticket under your name you can go directly to the bus and board by showing your photo ID or click "Print Ticket" from your ticket confirmation page and show that to the Greyhound driver. If you are traveling on another carrier, you must have a printed ticket. 

If a ticket was purchased for you, go to the ticket counter to speak with an assistant, show your ID or give the password the purchaser has chosen, and provide the confirmation number in order for the ticket to be re-printed.

I already have a ticket and I am bringing a bag to store under the bus. Where do I go at the station?

  • If you’re bringing a bag to put under the bus, you’ll need to see a Greyhound agent before you travel to pick up an under bus bag tag.  If you’re getting on the bus at a location with no staff, you’ll need to ask the driver instead.
  • Before you board, just give your under the bus bag to the bus side baggage handler (or the driver in some cases) who will load it in the luggage compartment underneath the bus.
  • It's up to you to collect your baggage when you get off the bus.
  • If you're transferring from one bus to another, you need to collect your bags from the first bus and bring them to the next.

Need a hand?

If you need help with your baggage when you get on the bus, just let us know. We have special baggage handling available for customers that need extra help such as elderly passengers, customers with disabilities or those traveling with small children. You can ask an agent at the ticket counter to give you special handling tags so we know that you need some help.

What if I lost my ticket?

If you purchased a Print-at-Home ticket you retrieve your ticket on our website by entering your confirmation number and last name in the section titled "Retrieve Your Booking".


When does boarding start?

At Greyhound, boarding begins up to 20 minutes before departure time.  If you're not there within 5 minutes of the bus leaving, we reserve the right to offer your seat to another passenger.

When we're ready to board, we'll announce your schedule number, along with the destination of your bus and the gate where you need to go (if you're wearing headphones, make sure you turn down the volume near boarding time so you don't miss the announcement).

Do I have to board the bus in a certain order?

We don't assign seat numbers, so you can take any available seat on the bus.  However, we do reserve the front row seats for customers with disabilities, the elderly and unaccompanied children.

To make boarding easier, we first invite Priority Boarding customers, as well as uniformed military, families with children age 16 and under and passengers requiring extra time, to board.  Once those customers have boarded, we invite General Boarding customers to board.

If you purchased an Economy Extra or Flexible fare, you get Priority Boarding which allows you to be one of the first to board and get your seat. Priority and General Boarding will be indicated on your ticket.

If you're getting on the bus mid-route, any passengers who were already on board (and may have gotten off to stretch their legs) get to board before all other passengers to get back to the seat they already were occupying.

During your trip

Do all of the buses have seatbelts?

Yes, all of our buses are equipped with seat belts. For your safety, we encourage all customers to wear a seat belt and all California passengers must wear a seat belt at all times while sitting in their seat. 

What kind of features can I expect once on board the bus?

There are loads of features on Greyhound buses to help you get the most from your journey. You can find them here and take an interactive 360-degree tour of our new bus.

How can I make my journey more comfortable?

At Greyhound, we do our very best to make your experience as pleasant as possible. As part of this, we've put together a list of ways that will increase the comfort of your journey. Visit our tips page to see them.

How much time do I have at a rest stop when the bus takes a break?

The length of the stop depends on whether the bus needs to be serviced too, which could take a little longer. But don't worry, you will always have time to stretch your legs, use the restroom, take a smoke break or grab a snack.

Bus journeys can be long. Do you have any suggestions of how to pass the time?

Pass the time and explore a new world of media with our Onboard Entertainment system.  With this system, you can enjoy movies and television shows, play games, surf the Web, and read the latest news all from your own Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops, tablets or smartphones. Click here to see what's playing.

After you travel

How do I get my baggage?

When you get to your final destination, the driver will take your baggage from the storage compartment under the bus. You can then pick up your bags and be on your way.

At the end of my trip, how do I get from the bus station to my final destination?

It's easy, we have a bus stop finder tool that will help you find the address of the station where you've arrived and you can get directions from there to anywhere you need to go. Find my bus stop

Someone's picking me up from the station. Can they track my bus journey?

They certainly can. They can track your bus in real time, and also find the address and directions for the stop where you're arriving. You can find bus station details and directions here:

Track my bus

Find my bus stop

Will I received Road Rewards point for my travel on Flixbus? 

Although we are now showing Flixbus fares on Greyhound.com, Road Rewards is a Greyhound only loyalty program. Since you booked and traveld on Flixbus, you will not receive Road Rewards points for your travel.