Travel info

Useful information about traveling with Greyhound, including baggage allowances, traveling with children and where to catch your bus.

For your safety, we encourage all customers to wear a seat belt and all California passengers must wear a seat belt at all times while sitting in their seat.

Most popular topics

  • Baggage

    Everything you need to know about bringing stuff on the bus:

    • Baggage weight allowances
    • What to do if there's a problem
    • What you can and can’t bring with you
    • Baggage storage

    Go to baggage info

  • Canada & Mexico travel

    Make sure you know the rules and have the right documents when crossing the U.S. border.

    The types of documents you will need depend on your nationality, and the country you’re traveling into.

    Traveling To/From Mexico

    Traveling To/From Canada

  • Kids traveling (under 17)

    Keeping younger passengers safe is a big deal for us, and government authorities too. You’ll find more info on:

    • Kids traveling alone
    • Kids traveling without both parents
    • Parent or guardian consent forms

    Traveling with kids

Where's My Bus?

Bus Tracker

Track it with BusTracker

BusTracker is simple and easy to use.  It lets you know where your bus is with live updates and information that allows you to better plan the remainder of your trip. BusTracker is also ideal for anyone picking up a friend or family member at the terminal.

Find your bus by schedule number, departure city or arrival city and get live status updates showing your bus' progress.  The status update will indicate if your bus is on time, early or delayed and give an approximate arrival time. 

No more guessing or wondering, now you can use your time wisely and plan ahead.

Track Your Bus

Getting to or from a bus stop

Get details and directions for our stops across America.

Find your bus stop

Track your bus

See where your bus is in real time.

Track your bus

How much stuff can I bring?

1 carry on bag up to 25lbs and 3 checked bags up to 50lbs

Our standard baggage allowance

You are allowed to travel with four pieces baggage — your carry-on baggage and up to three under the bus items (the first one is free).

Before you travel, make sure you check all the rules, especially if you have a connection with another bus company.

All baggage info

  Bring a blanket

What's too hot for one, is freezing for someone else. So a blanket is possibly the best temperature control tool there is.