Reserve online and pay with CASH

We’ve made it easier and more convenient than ever to book your next Greyhound ticket.

It’s simple – just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Reserve your ticket on or via our mobile app and select CASH as the payment type
  2. Go to one of over 32,000 retailers and pay in cash
  3. You’re ready to board the bus

Tickets can be reserved for up to 12 hours (or 6 hours prior to departure time), giving you plenty of time to pop over to your neighborhood retailer to pay in cash.

Pay with cash option is available for Guest users (not logged into a Road Rewards account), purchasing an Economy fare, traveling on a Greyhound only schedule.

We’ll even help you find the closest retailer options based on zip code.

Try it now:

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7-Eleven Ace Cash Express Caseys CVS Family Dollar Walmart

You can visit any of the participating retailers above to pay cash for your ticket.
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