Road Rewards FAQs for members

Your Road Rewards account should make it easy for you to redeem your rewards. But if you do have any questions, we're here to help.

Questions our members ask us

I'm having trouble logging into my account. What should I do?

With all the passwords and IDs we have these days, it's easy to forget one. To retrieve yours, just click on the question mark next to the sign in fields. You'll be able to enter your email so we can send you your sign-in details.

Also, remember that your password is case sensitive, so make sure you check for any accidental capital letters.

If it's the first time you've logged in since registering for Road Rewards, make sure that you've confirmed your information by clicking on the link we sent you in your registration email (if you can't find the email, check your junk mail folder in case it ended up there instead). Once you click on the link, it will activate your account.

Can I give my points to friends or family members?

You can't transfer points to other people. But what you can do is get a free ride for someone traveling with you – just use your free companion pass (available once you've collected 6 points).

Also, if you're buying tickets for other people who have their own Road Rewards account, you can enter their member ID during the booking process and they'll collect points for the trip, too

If I decide not to travel or if my schedule gets cancelled, do I lose the points I would have otherwise collected?

Points are awarded only after the trip has been taken. So if you don't travel for any reason, you don't get the points.

I booked a trip using a redeemed Road Reward and ended up not taking the trip. Will I lose the reward?

Don't worry, we can get you those rewards back. You'll need to contact our Road Rewards team, using our online form so they can do this for you.

More info about Road Rewards

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